Did Music Change After 9/11?

I was lying on the grass of Sunday morning of last week Indulging in my self-defeat My mind was thugged, all laced and bugged, all twisted, wrong and beat A comfortable three feet deep Now the fuzzy stare from not being there on a confusing morning week Impaired my tribal lunar speak…. These were theContinue reading “Did Music Change After 9/11?”

Tuesday’s Gone: Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Date with Destiny

”Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars. Oaktree, you’re in my way.” That Smell is a song that was written after Gary Rossington, guitarist for Lynyrd Skynrd, smashed his Ford Torio into woodland whilst driving under the influence. It wouldn’t be the last accident involving a member of the band. In fact, it wouldn’t even be theContinue reading “Tuesday’s Gone: Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Date with Destiny”

Even Flow: A (Brief) History of Grunge

They demolished the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit two years ago. The last pieces of the superstructure were scrapped in March 2018 – the remnants of its sorry carcass were hauled away in trucks, as the city wanted to make way for an Amazon warehouse. Back in its prime, however, the Silverdome was an icon –Continue reading “Even Flow: A (Brief) History of Grunge”

Assault on the Eardrums: Eddie Cochran’s Fatal U.K. Tour, 60 Years On

The grave of Eddie Cochran lies in a peaceful memorial park in Cypress, California. It isn’t one of rock’s most famous landmarks – but it should be. Had he been laid to rest even a few years later, it almost certainly would be. The quietness of Forest Lawn Memorial park is a stark contrast toContinue reading “Assault on the Eardrums: Eddie Cochran’s Fatal U.K. Tour, 60 Years On”

So Very Unsound: Nick Drake’s Paradox

”Fame is but a fruit tree/So very unsound/It can never flourish/Until its stalk is in the ground”   The day Nick died was cold, to say the least. The sky, in a state of perpetual grey, was dressed appropriately for the occasion. Nick’s room was inside a posh home in the sleepy village of Tanworth-In-Arden,Continue reading “So Very Unsound: Nick Drake’s Paradox”