Why Are We So Obsessed With: Nostalgia?

There’s a certain effect that nostalgia has on the human being. It’s a warm, familiar, safe glow.  It’s an old Nintendo game you haven’t dug out in 20 years. It’s an album you played to death in college.  It’s a perfume or aftershave worn by someone, somewhere. We’ve all got nostalgic triggers embedded deep inContinue reading “Why Are We So Obsessed With: Nostalgia?”

The Myth of ‘Completeness’

In 1988, a man named William ”Bud” Post III won the Pennsylvania Lottery jackpot. He was awarded a sum of $16.2million (over $35 million today) to the envy of pretty much everybody in the country, and probably the whole Western world altogether. William was, of course, delighted with this win. His mother had passed awayContinue reading “The Myth of ‘Completeness’”