Carlos Kaiser: Football Fraud

When thinking of the many geniuses in football who have graced us with their presence over the years, I bet the following names come to mind: Diego Maradona PelĂ© Lionel Messi Ronaldo (the Brazilian) Ronaldinho Alfredo Di Stefano George Best Cristiano Ronaldo You could make a case for any of these players being the greatestContinue reading “Carlos Kaiser: Football Fraud”

Hallowed Be Thy Waves: The Surprising Spirituality Known as Surfing

Yep, you read that right – one of the worst puns you’ve probably ever seen in your life. Well, I like it. So I’m keeping it on there, and nobody is going to convince me otherwise. Anyway, if you’ve ever visited Los Angeles or watched any high school-movie, you’ll be familiar with one of theContinue reading “Hallowed Be Thy Waves: The Surprising Spirituality Known as Surfing”