How John List Almost Got Away With Murder

John List almost committed the perfect murder until an unlikely source led to his capture.

3 Unsolved Disappearances From London

London is the most watched city in the world. With its Orwellian CCTV cameras and constant media circus, the notion that someone could vanish off its streets is borderline incomprehensible. However, London still manages to house its fair share of secrets. If you’ve read my post covering the disappearances of Andrew Gosden and Alexander Sloley,Continue reading “3 Unsolved Disappearances From London”

The Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe.

October 7, 1849 Edgar Allen Poe, the patron-saint of Gothic prose, dies. A far-cry from the talented, eloquent writer we all all know him to be – Poe dies a haggard, frail shell of a man. Four days before, he had been seen at Ryan’s Tavern in Balitmore, crashing into furniture in an apparently-drunken stuporContinue reading “The Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe.”

The Assassination of Andres Escobar

”Life doesn’t end here” – Andres Escobar proclaimed after his Colombia side were knocked out of the 1994 World Cup at the first hurdle. It had been a long road to get here, one rife with hardship and challenges – Colombia’s reputation had been dragged through the mud in the 1970s and 1980s thanks toContinue reading “The Assassination of Andres Escobar”

Joseph James DeAngelo – Serial Killer, Serial Coward.

Joseph James DeAngelo has pleaded guilty to the crimes that terrorised a state, and left an entire generation scarred for life. It’s a cathartic conclusion to a long and winding road – one that seemed dead-end for years. People had given up hope at one point in time. His arrest, and plea, have finally beganContinue reading “Joseph James DeAngelo – Serial Killer, Serial Coward.”

Chris Benoit: 13 Years Later

It was one of the most infamous stories in the history of professional wrestling. It was a case that almost brought an already-maligned industry to its knees. It was as a case was surreal as it was shocking, as confusing as it was damaging, and as infamous as it was notorious. Of course, it’s theContinue reading “Chris Benoit: 13 Years Later”

Terror in the Skies: Federal Express Flight 705

April 7, 1994 The FedEx base in Memphis, Tennessee is preparing for another unspectacular day of business. Flight 705, a McDonnell Douglas DC-10, is preparing to make the six-hour flight bound for San Jose, California. The aircraft is full of electrical equipment that would be distributed to the companies of the burgeoning Silicon Valley. AtContinue reading “Terror in the Skies: Federal Express Flight 705”

Off the Face of The Earth: 3 Unsolved Disappearances You Might Have Missed

This post is dedicated to both the individuals involved and the family and friends of those affected. I write this post, and all the other unsolved mystery posts, out of respect for the individuals, and to shed some light on the cases – most of which have been dormant for some time. We all hopeContinue reading “Off the Face of The Earth: 3 Unsolved Disappearances You Might Have Missed”