How John List Almost Got Away With Murder

John List almost committed the perfect murder until an unlikely source led to his capture.

The Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe.

October 7, 1849 Edgar Allen Poe, the patron-saint of Gothic prose, dies. A far-cry from the talented, eloquent writer we all all know him to be – Poe dies a haggard, frail shell of a man. Four days before, he had been seen at Ryan’s Tavern in Balitmore, crashing into furniture in an apparently-drunken stuporContinue reading “The Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe.”

The Man Who Saved the World

Stanislav Petrov was a Russian military officer whose career parallelled with the peak of the Cold War. There was major beef unfolding between the USSR and the United States – both sides were involved in a perpetual dick-measuring contest to see who was the true dominant force in the world. By 1983, things were gettingContinue reading “The Man Who Saved the World”

Fight the Power: The Fred Hampton Story

If 1968 was the year the world changed, the following year was its even darker, more sinister sequel. The Hippie dream was fading – and fading pretty fucking quickly. The Vietnam War was still ongoing, the Summer of Love had come and gone, and both Kennedy brothers had been shot dead. The attitude of theContinue reading “Fight the Power: The Fred Hampton Story”

Forgiveness Is Power

The Lion by the Ant Was Slain Richard I was one of the most beloved English monarchs ever. Nicknamed Lionheart, his status as a respected leader and brave military general earned him numerous accolades during his brief lifetime. Over 820 years after his death, he is still considered an icon in British and French history. TheContinue reading “Forgiveness Is Power”

Why Are We So Obsessed With: Nostalgia?

There’s a certain effect that nostalgia has on the human being. It’s a warm, familiar, safe glow.  It’s an old Nintendo game you haven’t dug out in 20 years. It’s an album you played to death in college.  It’s a perfume or aftershave worn by someone, somewhere. We’ve all got nostalgic triggers embedded deep inContinue reading “Why Are We So Obsessed With: Nostalgia?”

Assault on the Eardrums: Eddie Cochran’s Fatal U.K. Tour, 60 Years On

The grave of Eddie Cochran lies in a peaceful memorial park in Cypress, California. It isn’t one of rock’s most famous landmarks – but it should be. Had he been laid to rest even a few years later, it almost certainly would be. The quietness of Forest Lawn Memorial park is a stark contrast toContinue reading “Assault on the Eardrums: Eddie Cochran’s Fatal U.K. Tour, 60 Years On”