Why Are We so Resistant to Change?

There’s a memorial in the Soho part of London that I don’t think gets enough love. Maybe that’s because it isn’t particularly flashy, grandiose, or even that interesting to look at. It isn’t a great statue, mural, tower or building. Even the location of it isn’t that interesting – as it sits opposite one ofContinue reading “Why Are We so Resistant to Change?”

So Very Unsound: Nick Drake’s Paradox

”Fame is but a fruit tree/So very unsound/It can never flourish/Until its stalk is in the ground”   The day Nick died was cold, to say the least. The sky, in a state of perpetual grey, was dressed appropriately for the occasion. Nick’s room was inside a posh home in the sleepy village of Tanworth-In-Arden,Continue reading “So Very Unsound: Nick Drake’s Paradox”